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Due to their heavy use, PCs in cyber cafes and libraries require above-average maintenance by cyber PC experts. The need to be regularly cleaned out, scanned, defragmented, and reconfigured by IT support experts. Having a running contract in which experts in cyber, such as the ones here at Computer Camaraderie, are deployed to prevent and repair cyber-attacks helps small and medium-sized businesses reduce operating costs. Our Manhattan-based company packages preventive maintenance and recommended purchases in our monthly service plans. The bundle includes free sessions from our cyber PC experts in NY and is completely non-committal with any-time cancellation. These packages greatly reduce the headache of running a cyber or library network so that our clients can focus more on the administrative side of the business and let our cyber PC experts in NY do what they do best.

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We have three subscription plans that are gold, silver, and bronze that all involve assigned cyber PC experts on remote support. You can select from the rates listed on our website for our IT support services in New York, depending on the number of PCs and your budget. In cases of physical PC issues that require booking the deployment of our computer IT experts on an hourly charge to your New York location. We can provide both advanced and basic IT support. Our cyber PC experts in NY can also conduct training for the cyber administrator on troubleshooting skills or basic skills for an end user in hourly sessions. Our IT service specialist can bring your team up to speed with the latest advancements and help you use your tech with ease.Need password recovery support? We also offer ePreserver recovery services.

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1 Computer / Email Address

Antivirus protection

Remote monitoring

$10 off hourly rate

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Up to 3 Computers / Email Addresses 

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Remote monitoring 

$20 off hourly rate

Business Email Security

One free remote session per month 

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1 Computer / Email Address

Antivirus protection

Remote monitoring

$15 off hourly rate

Business Email Security

One free remote session per month 

Cloud Backup

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Partner with the best IT expert company with the best cyber PC experts. See our hourly rates for various scenario deployments of our IT experts for price comparisons. If you have any further questions or want to start your IT service today, contact us, the cyber PC experts of NY. Call 833-487-3728 for fast and friendly support.

Computer Camaraderie 5 star Google

  • How often do you find a person or service that you’ve recommended to ALL your friends and associates? Matt Nadelson and his associate Bevin S. are the best computer consultants I’ve ever had, and I got my first computer in 1985. Prompt service, infinite patience, amazing repair/improvement skills…I have always been completely satisfied with their excellent help, and so have more than a dozen of my friends. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

    j. i. (watercolorNYC) Avatar j. i. (watercolorNYC)

    Most professional, knowledgeable, personable and caring. I highly recommend it for personal and organizational support.

    Bernice Gordon Avatar Bernice Gordon

    Matthew Nadelson is a professional through and through. He knows what he is doing. He knows how to fix almost any problem; and if not, he finds out quickly. He is patient and very willing to explain what he is doing, or how something is done. Pleasant and prompt and quick are also attractive attributes of his, all of which I greatly appreciate. I recommend him highly.

    Sys Trier Morch Avatar Sys Trier Morch
  • Matt is a superb technician and teacher with infinite knowledge and patience. You cannot go wrong in hiring his services.

    Linda Packer Avatar Linda Packer

    Bryan was terrific fixing two issues I had and then suggesting to Apple lap tops I ought to consider when I must purchase a new computer early next year

    Susan Branch Avatar Susan Branch

    This small company is superbly run and staffed with brilliant computer technicians. I have never had a problem that went unresolved or not fixed. I recommend them without qualifications, whether desktop, printer, mobile phone, router, or even a “smart” TV,. regardless of brand and software used.

    Anthony Smith Avatar Anthony Smith

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    Still Here For All Your Technology Needs During COVID-19

    Due to the coronavirus, we have suspended all on-site appointments until further notice. However, using a combination of video conferencing and screen sharing, we are able to safely and efficiently assist you with the majority of issues we would normally assist with on location. For remote sessions we have just a half hour minimum billable time instead of 1 hour. We know that everything is pretty fluid right now, so we have also temporarily suspended all appointment cancellation fees. For more information or to schedule a session, please call us at 212-734-2225. Thank you for your support and loyalty, and stay safe!