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We assist our quintessential millennial clients who preserve their time with the iconic AOL dial-up email platform with data recovery using the ePreserver recovery tool. The technical description of the process is to quickly and easily recover deleted email messages and corrupt folders or address book entries from your AOL PFC file or Organize directory. In essence, the ePreserver recovery is an application by the connected software company that is the primary tool used to retrieve precious AOL records on your PC. At Computers Camaraderie, we deploy specialists to assist passwords, email addresses, messages, and corrupted folders with ePreserver recovery in our arsenal.

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Being the very first email service that ran on dial-up AOL became an iconic brand of connectivity and has been romanticized in film. The ePreserver recovery process helps maintain the email archives and contacts that are often deleted due to reaching the AOL storage limit. The files actually remain hidden in PFC format on the PC and can be later retrieved depending on the PC specifications using the ePreserver recovery tool. The old data may be important to the user for sentimental, practical, or convenience reasons. Our IT support services in New York include ePreserver recovery and other password recovery services. We also offer basic IT support both online and in person. Need more advanced help? Our IT service specialist can assist with any problem, big or small.


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Is your AOL hopelessly locked out and you need ePreserver recovery services or other computer support in Manhattan? Our IT expert company assists clients anywhere within New York City with their ePreserver recovery routine. Each PC has a unique scenario, so call or email us via our contact us page to get started. Call 833-487-3728 for fast support.

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  • This is a top-notch company. I use them regularly and have had nothing but good experiences. The company’s well-run, and the personnel are knowledgeable, friendly and easy to get along with. I highly recommend them!

    Bee Tee Avatar Bee Tee

    This is an excellent service from stat to finish. Setting up an appointment was easy, and the fees are reasonable. The technicians are friendly, knowledgeable and punctual. I wouldn’t hesitate to call on them again or to recommend them to friends and associates.

    Todd Peters Avatar Todd Peters

    I have used Matt’s services for several years and I am happy with him. He was referred to me by a satisfied client and I have recommended him to several satisfied friends. His prices are reasonable, and if there is a need for help quickly, he has staff who can help on short notice.

    Nancy Llewellyn Avatar Nancy Llewellyn
  • The few times that I have called Matt or Bevin they have responded almost immediately with their very efficient service. They seem to be able to get my computer working very quickly and solve any problem in a short period of time. They know their stuff! They are very polite and pleasant to deal with. I highly recommend Computer Camaraderie Corp. Peggy Prichett

    Peggy Prichett Avatar Peggy Prichett

    This small company is superbly run and staffed with brilliant computer technicians. I have never had a problem that went unresolved or not fixed. I recommend them without qualifications, whether desktop, printer, mobile phone, router, or even a “smart” TV,. regardless of brand and software used.

    Anthony Smith Avatar Anthony Smith

    Very knowledgeable, patient, make good unbiased recommendations when you need to buy a device of some sort, their rates are very comfortable so you don’t have to hesitate whether to call them or not when you need technical help.

    Laurie Howell Avatar Laurie Howell

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