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Tackling a computer issue alone can be a daunting experience, which is why using hourly IT support rates instead of getting stuck with long-term contracts can save a lot of money and time. In truth, computer technology is the most socially engineered and fastest-changing technology in our history. That’s why Computer Camaraderie’s hourly IT services are just the thing needed to keep up to speed in the virtual world. By its own nature, IT is a versatile sphere that is learned hands-on and by emulating techniques being applied by others. Fortunately, the technology itself produces solutions for the users such as online communities and our hourly IT support options. We have hourly IT support rates for the different boroughs of New York that make it easier to schedule according to your learning curve or pro-rata needs. There’s a minimum duration against our hourly rate for IT services in NY depending on the distance from our premises but there’s no maximum duration though within our working hours for our hourly IT support rates.

We offer New Yorkers hourly IT support rates.
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Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx - 1 hour minimum

Staten Island - 2 hour minimum

New Jersey, Westchester, Long Island - 1 hour minimum if <20 miles away 

For the Hamptons or CT please contact us for pricing

After the minimum, all time is pro-rated and not rounded up




Support provided using a combination of video and screen sharing technology

1/2 hour minimum session

After the minimum, all time is pro-rated and not rounded up

Why Hourly IT Support Is the Best Approach

The convenience of our hourly IT support is that it is unencumbered by a contract or subscription plan. It’s simply a pro-rata basic IT support service for current IT service needs or to free up time in one’s schedule for some training. One may feel the need for our hourly IT services upon purchasing a new device or having to install new software. It may be something that was planned for or something that just came up. Our hourly rate for IT services in NY approach fits within our clients’ budgets, and our IT expert company prefers this due to our economies of scale within the New York region. We also offer remote assistance at an hourly rate for IT services in NY. Here are our two IT support services plans:

  • On-site IT support services in New York:
    • $110-$180/hr.
    • Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx – 1-hour minimum
    • Staten Island – 2-hour minimum
    • New Jersey, Westchester, Long Island – 1-hour minimum if <20 miles away
    • For the Hamptons or CT please contact us for pricing
    • After the minimum, all time is pro-rated and not rounded up
  • Remote support computer contractor rates anywhere:
    • $55-$90 per ½ hour
    • Support provided using a combination of video and screen-sharing technology
    • ½-hour minimum session

After the minimum, all time is pro-rated and not rounded up 

Hire Our Hourly Support Services

Regardless of whether your software and hardware are new or old, have complicated or basic issues, or require specialized equipment, we’re here to end your struggles and provide you with affordable hourly IT support rates from an IT service specialist. Please contact us today for all your hourly IT support needs. You can also book an appointment to determine your exact hourly rate for IT services in NY here.

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Still Here For All Your Technology Needs During COVID-19

Due to the coronavirus, we have suspended all on-site appointments until further notice. However, using a combination of video conferencing and screen sharing, we are able to safely and efficiently assist you with the majority of issues we would normally assist with on location. For remote sessions we have just a half hour minimum billable time instead of 1 hour. We know that everything is pretty fluid right now, so we have also temporarily suspended all appointment cancellation fees. For more information or to schedule a session, please call us at 212-734-2225. Thank you for your support and loyalty, and stay safe!